We are a dynamic, positive congregation that seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the good news of God's grace and thus seeking the fulfillment of God's reign and realm in the world. We are a warm family of believers who welcome you to join our faith family and begin to experience God's grace in your life.  

Join us each Sunday this summer for a blended  One Service, One Vision, One Church at 9:30 AM.   

Following the service each week will be a blessed fellowship in Stringer Auditorium.  

Come expecting to build new relationships and strengthen old relationships. 

Come expecting to find empowering clarity regarding our identity, our vision and our mission as a prevailing and progressive Christian community.


We at Lansdale United Methodist Church are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition with a heritage of faith in experiencing both a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a communal expression of compassion for others. All of this is based on the foundational belief in the gift of prayer that sustains us as individuals and as a church. We seek to know God's will and express that will in disciplined lives of faith through worship, Bible study and Christian education,  financial giving, talents, time and service.


Here's your chance to tell us your thoughts about the Summer blended service! 

Your input is important to the Worship Planning Team to assess the goal of

One Service…One Vision…One Church.

Download the survey, fill it out and return it when you attend the next service or mail it to the church office.  

Your sincere feedback is very important as we plan for future summer services.  

Believe Study Series Coming this Fall!

Beginning in September the church will be launching “Believe”-- a broad based, multi-dimensional learning opportunity what being a Christian is all about. Like John Wesley states—we are to strive towards perfection. How do we get on this path and move towards perfection? What are we to believe as Christians; how are we to live our lives as Christians; what does it look like being a Christian? To strive towards that perfection John Wesley would have us do, we are called to think, act and be like Jesus. That is what the “Believe” study series is all about. It is a 30 week series meant to address the 10 core beliefs, 10 core attributes of the Christian lifestyle and 10 core values of a disciple of Jesus.

What is meant by “Believe” being broad based and a multi-dimensional learning opportunity? There are three facets to this learning opportunity. Over the 30 weeks, the focus of the worship service and sermon will be centered on one of the topics from the series—starting with the core beliefs. There is also the opportunity for personal and group study on each topic preached each Sunday. Material has been purchased by the church for personal and group study. This material includes 1) a topical compilation from the Bible of Scripture relevant to each topic; 2) a book titled, “Think, Act and Be Like Jesus”— providing additional insight for each topic and 3) a study guide to be used for personal reflection and group study. Group study will be offered in the adult and senior high school Sunday school classes and lessons will be aligned with the worship service each week.

More about this series will be forthcoming. Stay tuned. If you have an interest in learning more about this series, speak to Pastor Max, Paul DeLong or Peter Noll.

If you want to be part of an adult Sunday school class using this curriculum, speak to:

Dave Murphy—Oasis class

Darren Johnson—Upper Room 

Paul DeLong/Peter Noll—New Horizons